Host a FFF Meet-up

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Every day I receive messages and emails from FFF readers who find “virtual” companionship through these reflections. I have been thinking that something similar might be easy for us to organise as a little FFF initiative.

Here’s my idea.

  • Decide that you (and maybe someone else ) are going to have a cuppa or a drink at a cafe, a bar or a food-court in a mall sometime this week.
  • Submit your event to appear in our online calendar.
  • Download and print a copy of the FFF cross.
  • Turn up at the place at the time appointed and put the cross on the table so that other FFF readers can find you.
  • Talk with whoever turns up about your life and your faith.

That’s all there is to it. Try it!

If no one turns up, you have a few relaxing moments with your own good company and a book. But if someone does turn up… well, Christ has brought you together and we all look forward to hearing a comment or two about your conversation.

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