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seven years on

Today, February 22, marks seven years since the devastating 2011 earthquake which brought tragic loss of life to our city of Christchurch where we continue the long and difficult process of rebuilding lives and livelihoods. There are many signs of great hope as people work together to build a city that is not only stronger…(Read More)


It is traditional in New Zealand to gather on the first anniversary of a death to unveil the headstone on the grave of one who has died. Yesterday, to mark the first anniversary of the death of Bishop Barry Jones, parishioners and friends gathered at his grave…(Read More)

one year on…

At this hour, twelve months ago, the sun set on Bishop Barry Jones’ last day on earth. He was unwell and in hospital care. At 3.30 on the morning of 13 February Bishop Barry died, entering God’s kind keeping for eternity. Above and before all else Bishop Barry Jones was a man of…(Read More)

Month’s Mind

It is an ancient tradition in the church that 30 days after the people gather to celebrate another Requiem Mass known as the “Month’s Mind.” Last night we gathered in St. Mary’s pro-Cathedral to celebrate the Month’s Mind Mass for Bishop Barry Jones. The homily was Fr. Kevin Clark who is…(Read More)

a delighting bishop

This weekend marks one month since the death of Bishop Barry Jones, ninth bishop of the diocese of Christchurch, in the early hours of 13 February. On Monday evening (7.00pm at St. Mary’s pro-Cathedral) we will gather for the Month’s Mind Mass. Most of the reflections on the life and ministry…(Read More)

five years on

Today, February 22, marks five years since the devastating 2011 earthquake which brought tragic loss of life to our city. Five years on we continue the long and difficult process of rebuilding our lives and livelihoods. On the first anniversary of the earthquake in 2012 tens of thousands of us gathered in Hagley Park for…(Read More)

Bp. Barry on Chats

One of the first phone calls I made on hearing of the death of Bishop Barry Jones on Saturday morning was to the furthest periphery of the diocese of Christchurch, the Chatham Islands. For almost ten years now I have served as Parish Priest of the Chathams. To serve as priest for this remote community…(Read More)

Bishop Barry Jones

It is with great sadness that we have received news of the death of our Catholic bishop of Christchurch, Bishop Barry Jones, peacefully at 3.30 this morning. This morning’s message from Vicar General Fr. Rick Loughnan is available at the diocesan website at this link. In the words of the Collect of the…(Read More)

building a church

Five years on from the devastating Canterbury earthquakes, a number of parishes around the diocese are looking to build new churches to replace destroyed and damaged churches. While this mission provides a great opportunity, many parishes are struggling to appreciate the significance of a Catholic Church building as our pragmatic kiwi minds rush ahead to…(Read More)

ChCh build plan

Bishop Barry Jones has issued a pastoral letter on the building plan for the Catholic diocese of Christchurch, a single plan involving the repair and strengthening of a large number of churches and the building of several new churches. You can read the pastoral letter at this link: Bishop Barry Jones’ Pastoral Letter, 15 August…(Read More)

gift of words

When I arrived at the Bishop Lyons Public Speaking competition on Sunday afternoon, Bishop Barry Jones had just celebrated Mass for the teams from our seven Catholic Colleges in the diocese of Christchurch. A number of people spoke with me to say how inspired they were by Bishop Barry’s homily. I am grateful to…(Read More)

four years on

February 22 will remain a memorial day for the city of Christchurch. Four years ago today, our city was devastated by earthquake. 185 people died tragically on the day, and in the 36 months since many others have suffered and died as a result of the ongoing trauma. Many people still await insurance settlements. While…(Read More)

Kaiangaroa visit

The centre of the Catholic Diocese for the past few days has been the remote Islands of Chatham and Pitt because this is where the bishop has been bishopping. We have spent time both on both islands, and in the last 24 hours have spent time in the small and distant communities of Owenga (which…(Read More)

the bishop visits

It was a pleasure for me to today accompany Bishop Barry Jones to God’s furthest outpost, or, using the language of Pope Francis, to the peripheries, since no place on earth is as far from Rome as the Chatham Islands, the most remote parish of the Christchurch Diocese. It is a privilege for me…(Read More)

bishop to Chathams

It is a privilege to serve as the Parish Priest of the Chatham Islands (Rekohu). Tomorrow morning Bishop Barry Jones and I will be on the plane heading for the Islands. The occasion is the bishop’s pastoral visitation to both Chatham and Pitt Islands. A number of people have expressed interest in the Chathams…(Read More)