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nativity difficulty

Earlier today I visited the home of parishioners who had just finished setting up a nativity scene in their living room. It was prepared with love, beautifully created, and was even illuminated with the manger awaiting the Christ child the most brightly lit part of the stable. Even in this so-called secular age, there…(Read More)

seven more sleeps

In the Prayer of the Church, prayed through the hours of each day by many Christians, and which priests and many Religious communities pray on behalf of all people, the journey of Advent moves up a gear on December 17 when the date appears alongside the day of the week in the Breviary. This marks…(Read More)

Handel’s Messiah

One of the disadvantages of living in Cheviot (population 400) is that the inspiring and perennial Handel oratorio Messiah is not performed locally. As a result I find myself singing some of the pieces as I drive. You should have heard me driving down the Domett straight yesterday morning singing the beautiful opening verse: “comfort…(Read More)