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our default setting

So much that is taught and written about prayer serves only to convince us that prayer is a complex project to be mastered…(Read More)

pray & heal

We are challenged by Jesus to forgive those who harm us, but as hard as we try we are unable to do this and often we don’t even want to forgive…(Read More)

in God’s gaze

God’s gaze on me is the heart of prayer. God does all the work – and I am transformed…(Read More)

THE sign

… discreetly in a restaurant, or unashamedly before a meeting, a performance or in competition on the sports field…(Read More)

pray big

The emails that have accompanied most of the prayer requests I have received this week have been moving and inspiring…(Read More)

plainly speaking

I like the bold approach of the Jews, marching up to Jesus as he strolls between the columns: “If you are the Christ, tell us plainly…(Read More)

lectio divina

The method of prayer I use to prepare the reflections on the scriptures of the day is a form of what is known in the Christian tradition as Lectio Divina…(Read More)

guided meditation

Here is the first of the prayer podcasts – 15 minutes of gentle reflection with a lot of silence, beginning with the sound of church bells, a traditional call to prayer…(Read More)

prayer & reality

In this reflection I share some of the most helpful advice ever given to me about prayer. I hope you find it as encouraging as I have…(Read More)

a room alone

“All of humanity’s problems stem from our inability to sit quietly in a room alone…(Read More)

hidden things

I’m writing this at the end of the first NZ lockdown day and I can already see that my life could become dangerously undisciplined…(Read More)

on our knees

Who needs God (we think)? We can achieve all we need on our own. And then a completely unexpected event brings us back to earth. We are grounded. We are on our knees…(Read More)

let’s talk it over

In the midst of good and evil, ups and downs, and through the routines and demands of life we need to be able to express ourselves and to know that we are heard…(Read More)

schools & education

As staff and students in New Zealand prepare to begin the 2020 school year here’s a thought on the purpose of education, and a reflection on prayer in schools…(Read More)