Well, I thought a few moments ago that I just do not have time to write the blog tonight. I have an exam tomorrow morning – seems a bit tough after only the first week, but the faculty keep the pressure on. The frustration for me is that I really enjoy the reading and study on all aspects of Liturgy – but I have to keep focussed and not be distracted by other interesting and helpful articles and books.

A few of us formed a study group and I have just come from that now – a round-table discussion of the sources and methods for liturgical study. I came back to my room aware of all that I do not know tonight and need to know for tomorrow.

Whenever I feel pressured by such demands, it is very easy for me to let go of some things that are really important – essential even. It takes a bit before I let go of meal times. It is easier to spend less time in prayer because of the demands of a full day. Exercise can be put aside. It is also easy to decide to work instead of spending time with friends.

So I have made a point today, even with an exam tomorrow, to keep all the important things in place. I have gone to all the community prayer times in the chapel. I am still eating. This afternoon I walked around the lake, letting go of the temptation to prepare a stunning presentation for the study group and settling for input that was just good. And now, I have decided that I will go to “holy hour” tonight. (note again the inverted commas – this kind of holy hour is with good company, drink and nibbles.)

Keeping this routine going may mean that I don’t do as well in the exam as I might with more study time, but other things are important too. It would be a tragedy to finish the study with good grades and no friends.

The temperature is warmer every day. I hear NZ weather is not the best…

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