Year of the Priest

“God is the only treasure people desire to find in a priest”

I had a good conversation with a priest this week about the Year of the Priest. This Year is due to conclude next week.

The sense that this priest and I had in our discussion was that the Year of the Priest had begun very quickly with little chance for preparation or build-up. As a result many people (including priests) were only now beginning to appreciate the opportunity for renewed appreciation for and understanding of the life of the priest.

While some books and articles were published in haste twelve months ago as the Year began, much of this material was reprint or repeat of material and thought and encouragement already in circulation. Now, as the Year is about to end, it seems a new wave of good reflection is being presented.

This is not a bad think. Perhaps it has taken the full year of reflection on priesthood and the context of the world today, for fresh encouragement to be offered to priests and people on the purpose and function of the priest.

You might find it helpful to read what I think is a very helpful presentation by the Archbishop of New York speaking in Ireland last week. You can read the full address at the link below.

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