Praise Be

We continue to live in instability and uncertainty here in Christchurch. The after-shocks have continued throughout the day today. One especially strong shake just before 8 this morning reminded us that we are not through this challenge just yet.

On Tuesday evening a strong group gathered for the first Praise Be rehearsal in the Church. It was a good gathering led well and strongly by Barry Brinson. I heard several very positive comments afterwards.

However after the extra shakes last night, and the state of civil emergency being extended until next Wednesday, the decision has been made to postpone Praise Be until the first week of November.

I have no doubt that this is the right decision in the circumstances. However we now are trying to let everyone know before the rehearsal that was to be tomorrow (Thursday) evening.

If you know of someone who was here or who was thinking of coming for the second rehearsal, could you let them know that this event has been postponed until November.

Thank you!

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