there is another way

Oct 29, 2010

On my way through the Press to the crossword yesterday morning I was deeply moved by a testimony of transcendence. It was the photo that caught my attention first; an embrace that was so much more than a routine greeting.

In May of this year a young driver lost control of his car and killed a four year old child. Alcohol was not a factor.

I cannot begin to imagine the trauma that overwhelmed young Nayan’s parents Emma and Duncan, and Nayan’s brother Jacob. And yet not six months later, at Ashley’s sentencing, Duncan (speaking for himself and his wife) read a truly remarkable Victim Impact Statement.

I was unable to read this statement without several time having to stand and move, overwhelmed with my own emotion at the most powerful example of love I think I have ever read in the media. Take a few minutes to read this for yourselves.

I have no idea of the background or beliefs of Duncan and Emma and their families. This is not important.

Too often we label such transcendent behaviours (charity, justice, forgiveness and moral living) as peculiar to those who call themselves “Christian”. In labelling such noble attritubes, we limit the power of God. In Jesus we see God forgiving those who do not deserve forgiveness. In doing this Jesus shows us much more than what it is to be Christian. Jesus shows us what it is to be human.

Emma and Duncan have reminded us of what it is to be human. I am moved by their response to the extent that the cells of my body shake as I read their witness. They have remind us (in the midst of the most traumatic loss and grief) of what it is to be human.

To do anything less than they have done, is to act in a way that is less than human.

They have shown us that in the midst of grief and loss, we do not have to resort to anger and violence.

There is another way.


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