it is night

Feb 8, 2012

I was sitting outside earlier as the sun went down. 

It is now dark and the only noise is the occasional jet passing overhead.

My day has not been as busy as many of you will have had. But still in these moments before I head for bed it is time for prayer.

Compline, the Night Prayer of the Church, is a beautiful way to end the day. We all have other prayers as well. One of my favourite bedtime prayers is from the New Zealand Anglican Prayer Book:

Lord, it is night. 
The night is for stillness.

Let us be still in the presence of God.

It is night after a long day.

What has been done has been done;

What has not been done has not been done; 

let it be.

The night is dark.

Let our fears of the darkness of the world 

and of our own lives rest in you.

The night is quiet.

Let the quietness of your peace enfold us, 

all dear to us, 
and all who have no peace.

The night heralds the dawn.

Let us look expectantly to a new day, 

new joys, 
new possibilities.

In your name, 

we pray


You might like to take ten minutes to join the monks of New Malleray Monastery as they pray Compline at the end of their day.


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