Karpman again

Mar 11, 2012

(continued from Karpman’s circle)

Of course there would be a good reason if Jesus, or Pope Benedict, were to mention Karpman’s circle. 

The reason is ‘reality’.

Faith always leads a person into reality. Faith is the opposite of fantasy. 

The youtube clip (copied again below) reminds us that the roles that we too often adopt (rescuer, persecutor, victim) are not reality. Because the roles are not reality, to adopt them is to play a game instead of living a life.  

To indulge a fantasy in order to avoid a reality might be understandable if the reality is difficult or painful. However when the game is over the reality still exist. Usually our game-playing has made the reality even more painful and difficult than it was earlier and we are much worse off.

WIth faith in God we have nothing to fear by remaining in reality. Yes it might seem impossibly traumatic at times, but it is the only way forward. 

At times we will feel like a victim. In other moments a burst of revenge might motivate us to persecute. Then we might like the feeling of running to rescue. But the roles of this compulsive game are never prompted by the Holy Spirit, and can never lead us to happiness.

If you are not convinced, try it!  

Decide right now, that every moment when you feel like playing one of the roles in the triangle, instead take five minutes to turn to God with your anxiety or problem. 

Then five minutes later take a moment to reflect on whether or not this was more satisfying than your earlier experience of ‘role-playing’ the dramas of the victim, the persecutor and the rescuer.

Our inspiration is Jesus, the Son of God, who did not play the games, but who showed us how to really live a life:

I have come that you might have life
and have it in abundance.
John 10:10


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