Mar 18, 2012

Thank God it’s Friday. 

Well, it is my Friday (end of the week at Sunday night).  It has again been a very satisfying weekend.
  • A retreat day in Christchurch on Friday then drive to Hanmer Springs
  • Saturday morning coffee and Press cryptic under the trees in Hanmer.
  • The Hawarden Show
  • Saturday evening Mass at Hanmer. Great conversations afterwards.
  • Dinner with friends unexpectedly in Hanmer
  • Early morning drive from Hanmer to Amberley – as light was touching the sky

  • Mass at Amberley (8.00am). Great conversation afterwards.
  • Drive to Hawarden for Mass (10.00am). Great conversation afterwards.
  • Baptism at Hawarden.
  • Dinner with the baptism family.
  • Drive to Cheviot
  • Cheviot Mass at 5pm. Great conversation afterwards.
Now I’ve poured a Lenten wine and am enjoying a novel.

And the wonderful prayer from the NZ (Anglican) book of prayer is my night prayer:

Lord, it is night

The night is for stillness.

Let us be still in the presence of God.

It is night after a long day.

What has been done has been done; 

what has not been done has not been done.

Let it be.

The night is dark.

Let our fears of the darkness of the world 

and of our own lives rest in you.

The night is quiet.

Let the quietness of your peace enfold us, 

all dear to us, 

and all who have no peace.

The night heralds the dawn.

Let us look expectantly to a new day, 

new joys, 

new possibilities.

In your name we pray.



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I try not to repeat these daily Lenten posts year to year but there are times when the same scriptures pop up annually and I realise that I can’t write it better than I did last year. Today is one such day, not only because of the thought I share but even more in the comments that are added by FFF readers. Today I have left some of last year’s comments helping us to appreciate the power of today’s readings.

my word your home

my word your home

The heart of the home in years past was the hearth.
It was at the hearth that the family gathered for the warmth and light of the flame and the food that was prepared there.
The fire was treated with respect since the same flame which provided energy for the home could just as easily destroy it.

stand up look up

stand up look up

The Israelites in their forty years in the desert were journeying from captivity to freedom, but the struggle of their desert years made them vulnerable to attack from every temptation as today’s first reading continues

confident in God

confident in God

I’m not sure if children today are told the great story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, but if not let’s make sure that the parable is taught at all schools of higher learning.

the teenagers

the teenagers

A few years ago I discovered the wonderful way that God uses my imagination in my prayer.
Such openness to imagination when seeking God does not take us away from reality into fantasy but instead brings me into what is most real and inescapably personal and intimate.