Apr 8, 2012

In a few hours I begin a week of retreat.  

I am looking forward to these days. I know my need for these days of retreat.

I won’t pick up the computer in this week so this will be the last blog update until the retreat is complete.  

In the last couple of months the blog readership has more than doubled.  I am encouraged by the fact that so many of you return regularly to the blog, and a good number of you write expressing your gratitude. Thank you!

The statistics of the blog are interesting. While most of the readers are from NZ, a good number are from the USA, Australia, and Europe, with a few regulars in Asia as well.

After several hundred entries, I can see (from the statistics) that (generally) the more secular the title of an entry, the greater the number of readers. This is encouraging because it suggests that people who might have not consciously sought  online spiritual encouragement, are tripping upon the blog.  Maybe they are inspired?  Perhaps they return?  At least I hope that the burdens of their day are lifted a little by what they read here.

The most viewed entry (of all time) is “Orvieto: life on a volcano.”   This entry has over 2000 views more than the second place entry which is Earthquake Memorial (Bishop Barry Jones)“.  The title “Cathedral photos” always brings a good number.

In this week without updates you might enjoy using the search button to search past entries.  Just type a word that interests you and the relevant entries will pop up.  The search space is just down a bit to the right of this (and every) entry.

Most of all don’t forget to pray for me this week.  I will pray for you too.  Every day I remember ‘my blog readers’ in my prayer.

He is risen!  He is risen indeed.  Alleluia!


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