truth in a grave? not for long!

Apr 7, 2012

Christians do not need the praise, or even the support, of the media.  I was reminded of this when reading this morning’s (Holy Saturday) news.

‘It’s Easter weekend’ the editors remember.  ‘We have to have a couple of ‘religion’ stories’.  So on the front of the World section in this morning’s Press we have “Pontiff berates rebellious priests” and “Photo blunder has church blushing”. The Dominion features  “Quake fears strike Catholic Churches” in Wellington.

But in the midst of the misinterpretation of the ‘pontiff’ report, (ref. previous entry) and the missing watch in the photo blunder story, a greater reality breaks through. 

The closest that today’s Press comes to this reality is a brief quotation in the “quote unquote” column of section ‘B’ (pg.7) “Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there”. (Clarence W Hall)

Today’s paper also carries a positive acknowledgement that young people are turning to faith in significant numbers. Christchurch Catholic Youth Team Director Chris Lysaght is interviewed (at this link).

We often blame media for giving a slanted perspective on Church life and world events.  I fear they are simply reporting what the world and the Church delivers as newsworthy.

The Church has nothing to fear from the media.  This is simply because, if the Church is configured to Christ, then the Church, and the people who are also configured to Christ, have no grounds for fear of any kind.

However if we individually, and together as the people of God fail to live as Christ and with Christ, then we have everything to fear, not only from the media, but from every one and from everything, in every moment.

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  1. Indeed, there fear is useless, what’s needed is faith. Happy and peace-filled Easter.


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