Jerusalem – last afternoon

May 14, 2012

Next to the Bethesda pool is the Church of St. Anne.  Just inside the door is a sculpture of St Anne with a young Mary.

This Church of St. Anne is renowned for its acoustic.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, our pilgrimage theme song has been “Dona Nobis Pacem”.  Our tour guide recorded us singing this in the Church. When Adrian sends it I will upload the recording to this blog.  One group of pilgrims hearing us sing this a few days ago asked Adrian, ‘where is this choir visiting from?’  

Digital cameras have become passe for pilgrims.  ipad 2’s everywhere.  

It is a bit difficult to read the sign, but here are Mary, Mary and Monika at “The Nun’s Ascent,” alongside the ‘first station of the cross’.

Beneath the Sisters of Zion convent, on the site of the old Antonia Fortress are the ancient water cisterns and parts of the original street that were probably part of the way of the Cross for Jesus.

en route to lunch, through the streets of the Armenian Quarter of the Old City

and to lunch

The last Jerusalem group photo taken just before Mass at the Ecce Homo Church.

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  1. Dear John,

    Hi! Thanks for sharing your pilgrimage with me. It truly is the Holy Land. You are looking well. God Bless!

    Love and prayers,



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