faith or despair

Jul 24, 2012

I have said here before that some of my best Sunday homily ideas come to me on Sunday night.  I suppose the pessimist would say this is a few hours too late. The optimist might suggest that the Sunday night homily idea is actually three years early for the next Sunday when the same readings turn up in the Liturgy.

Each week I follow a select few preachers around the world who upload video or audio of their homily. Due to the position of the date line these are usually available a day or two too late for me to use them in my own homily, but they are very helpful in my own prayer and reflection.

Alex’s homilies are always inspiring. I was listening to him preach on last Sunday’s readings this morning.  He reflected on following what we truly desire, suggesting that without faith, the only option left to us is despair.

An online dictionary defines despair as ‘loss of hope or confidence’.  Certainly we all have moments when we lack confidence or when our hope is uncertain.  Our friends and family might try to boost our spirits with distractions. The world of advertising plays on these human vulnerabilities offering hope and confidence in make-overs and medications, entertainments and escapes. 

The reflective person is wise enough to realise that these human offerings are nothing more than an anaesthetic serving to numb these real and healthy desires of the human heart. 

To have moments when hope and confidence eludes us is an experience of every healthy human.  The person of faith realises that only God can provide the hope and confidence we seek. 

And this is the key. Next time you are feeling a bit down, confused, lonely, uncertain etc… take a moment to consider that God is eager to give you all that you desire. God will not force this on you, but will readily give you everything, when you ask.

You might take a moment now – a minute or two to be aware of any area of dissatisfaction or need in your life today.  Make a decision not to attempt to resolve these needs with anything that might be an escape or an anaesthetic.  Even hold off calling a friend…the waiting is actually readying you to receive from God.  

Now just turn to Jesus, the good shepherd. He loves you, and is eager to answer your needs with his love, his hope, and his confidence.



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