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Aug 16, 2012

I think I will take up smoking.

My new desire was motivated by the lead story on yesterday’s BBC world service. The Australian government has passed legislation to ban brand colours and logo advertising on cigarette packets.
A couple of years ago while on vacation in Italy, I blogged about smoking. Take a moment to read my August 2010 comment here. It will help you to understand the comments I offer today.

I am not disputing that smoking is a risk to health. However I find it irrational that a government claims a right to use legislation to promote health in some legislation, while enabling death with other laws. 

An example: How can a legislation be rational when parents have the “freedom” to decide if the life of their newly conceived child is less important than their own wishes? 

Parents (supported by the courts) can decide that the death of their child is murder (if a stranger attacks the mother killing the in utero child). But they can also call the death “pro-choice freedom” (if they decide that the child is an embarrassment or an inconvenience and opt for abortion).

From the child’s point of view this parental game of linguistics makes no difference. Either way s/he dies. 

The parents can take the life of their child, but in our ‘out-of-control politically-correct-society’ we frown on them if they light up a cigarette.

Many examples from history prove that societies that legislate only for their own needs (as determined by whims of current fashion and contemporary political-correctness) without giving centre stage to God and the health of the human soul, will flounder and founder.
It is clear that New Zealand is on the path to follow this new Australian legislation.  It won’t be long before cigarette smoking will be illegal in New Zealand.

At least marijuana will be legalised about the same time and parents will be able to take up a newly legal relief from the stresses of child-rearing.

Last night I marked the new Australian legislation with fine food and wine, good friends, and a quality cigar. I liked it.

Tonight I plan to do the same.


Link here to August 2010 smoking blog.

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  1. Just make sure you don’t get addicted.


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