what time is midnight Mass?

Dec 24, 2012

Every year people call the priest to ask “what time is midnight Mass?”   The answer is easy. In Amberley it is at 5pm. At Culverden it is at 7. And in Hanmer Springs Mass is at 9pm.

It is now just after 10.30pm, and I have just come in after the three Masses. The three beautiful celebrations of the Mass this evening have left me in no doubt about two realities:
  1. Christ is born, and
  2. Christ is risen and alive in the Hurunui today, 2012.
It was a privilege to celebrate with so many people. Each of the three churches was filled to overflowing.  It was clear to me that every person I saw tonight was following an attraction to attend Christmas Mass. 

And it was also clear to me that God was not missing the opportunity to let each person know of his presence with them and his love for them.

There is nothing more satisfying for a priest that to see this in the people he serves.

As I shared tonight, nothing brings life more ease, nothing makes life more bearable, than knowing that Jesus is very close to us.  While powerful rulers might intimidate us, no one is frighted by a newborn child.

Tonight let us all draw close to Him. We have no need to be afraid.

As I drove away from Culverden soon after 8pm I left the congregation on the lawn around the Church eating Christmas cake washed down by beer and wine!

I wanted to upload this Christmas encouragment before I headed to bed tonight (I have two more Masses – Hawarden and Cheviot in the morning), and I was distracted by the apparent new craze, that is to sing of Christmas in the Shopping Mall.  

Here is the first clip I watched.  Amazing sign of hope: these young people are singing “O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord” in the cathedral of capitalism and commercialism, that is, the shopping Mall!  This is grounds for real hope and celebration!

and it happens in Christchurch too – Northlands Mall last week:

Sleep well, as I will!


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