world’s end?

Dec 19, 2012

One of my responsibilities in the diocese is to respond to all emails sent to the “contact” on the Christchurch Diocese website.  You can imagine the variety of messages I receive. 

This morning one of the emails was especially brief: “Will the world end on Friday?” No doubt this correspondent was prompted by this week’s news’ headlines.
BBC this morning reported that one in ten of us are fearful that the end of the world will come tomorrow 21 December.  The story has also reached NZ.

Since the world may well end tomorrow I don’t want to spend these last hours of this life at the computer. So my reply was brief: “It may do. Be ready!”

One of these days, one of these predictions will be right. We know that at some stage this world will end.  If this thought fills us with fear, then we have a problem.

My advice: don’t worry too much about when the world will end. Instead, live every moment with the kind of quality you want to be remembered for.

The happy side-effect of such quality living is that we discover happiness, healthiness, humility and holiness.

And if we make it past the Mayan Calendar predictions, I’ll blog again tomorrow. 

Otherwise I hope to see you all in heaven.

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  1. Well written John. Happy Christmas and enjoy 2013 or as you say…hope to see you in heaven!Cushla


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