a stupendous speech

Jun 20, 2013

For the past couple of days I have been savouring the June issue of the “Traces” magazine. From the first page I was moved to read of the personal experience of some of those who met with Pope Francis for the Pentecost Vigil.

“Why am I here? Why are we here? There is something that we already know, that we already possess, but it does not satisfy us precisely because we think we possess it”

And then Pope Francis began, “giving the longest speech of his pontificate to date, a stupendous speech, from the heart” …with a question:

How have you been able in your life to attain the certainty of faith; and what route do you suggest we take to enable each one of us to overcome the fragility of our faith?”  This is a historical question because it concerns my personal history, my life-story!”

Later he spoke about the patient presence of God:

“We say we must seek God, go to Him and ask forgiveness, but when we go, He is waiting for us, He is there first. In Spanish we have a word that explains this well: primerear– the Lord always get there before us, He gets their first, He is waiting for us!” When we fear or doubt, it is because we do not believe, deep down, that the Lord loves us. The “encounter” is crucial. Again, in the words of the pope: “When we seek Him, we discover that He is waiting to welcome us, to offer us His love. And this fills your heart with such wonder that you can hardly believe it, and this is how your faith frows – through encounter with a Person, through encounter with the Lord.”

“Traces” is the monthly publication of the Communion and Liberation movement. It is refreshing for both its breadth and depth. It is robustly Catholic, and energetic in its passion for life and freedom. 

You can read more about the movement at the link: Communion & Liberation. And you can visit the website for the “Traces” magazine at www.tracce.it(click on translation to read in English)

If you live in New Zealand you can now subscribe locally from Matt Young: matt@paintcraft.co.nz The subscription is $66.00 (including postage within New Zealand) per year (11 issues). $33.00 half year.

Ipad users can sign up for the app version. Search the “Apple App” store “Traces”.


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