greatest attraction

In the past couple of posts (listen and read) I have reflected on Pope Francis’ Epiphany homily in which he challenges us to take the example of the Magi by avoiding the darkness and following the light.

The greatest opportunity we have for this is in the midst of temptation. Perhaps its more simple than we thought? All we have to do is to be aware of our greatest desire, and to follow that light…

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  1. I’ve just strayed into your blog, from Brendan Malone’s. I’m a columnist (‘A Sweet Garden’)for the national New Zealand Catholic newspaper ‘NZ Catholic’ and will be publishing my pro-life novel ‘The Age for Love’ as an indie online with Amazon this month. Would you be willing to host a guest post to promote it, please?

    • Hi Julia, I’m happy to help if I can – how about you send me some links to “A Sweet Garden” with some info about “THe Age for Love” and I will write a post. If you are able to send the novel then I am happy to read it and write a review on foodforfaith.

      • I’m embarrassed. I’ve only just seen your very kind reply to my request. I’m a Luddite – so much so, I don’t know how to send you links to ‘A Sweet Garden’ but I’ll try to find out. Otherwise, my columns – pretty orthodox! – are all there on my blog but you have to trawl through my incessant letters to the Dom Post to find them, I guess.
        I’m in the throes of getting my book – not quite so orthodox – online right now but I’ll send you some data for a review. Please hold it of course,
        until the book’s out there.
        I’m so grateful. Bless you.


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