church building

I was speaking to a Christchurch diocese parishioner a few weeks ago who is a part of her parish committee preparing to rebuild their parish church. I was surprised to hear her suggest that while their “century-old” church was damaged in the earthquake, she hoped that it would be demolished so that their parish could build a church that was more “comfortable” and “up-to-date”.

I asked if any of the sessions given in the diocese in August last year by Denis McNamara had helped their committee in consideration of possibilities. She had never heard of Denis McNamara. (Sorry Denis!)

A couple of weeks ago (February 18 2014) Denis gave a presentation in Latrobe, Pennsylvania which provides some basic essentials for anyone involved in church building. While the message and sound-quality is great, the camera work doesn’t always catch the screen images. Not a major problem though, and still a must for everyone involved in decisions about earthquaked Christchurch diocese churches.

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