Fr. Jack O’Connor

Mar 14, 2015

It is the end of a wonderful day of celebration of my uncle Jack’s 50th jubilee of his ordination as a priest of the diocese of Christchurch. While the actual date is July 5 (1965), we combined the celebration with Jack’s 85th birthday (last month), and as Jack himself reflected, when you get to his age it’s better to have the celebrations at the earliest opportunity!

Jack may well have been the only priest of the Christchurch diocese to have served in every region of the diocese. Over the past half century he has spent time in parishes in Mid Canterbury (Ashburton), Westland (Ross, Greymouth & Ngahere), South Canterbury (Fairlie twice, Temuka), Chatham Islands, North Canterbury (Hawarden / Cheviot / Hanmer Springs parishes) and Christchurch (Riccarton, St. Albans, Sockburn, Bryndwyr). At present while living at Bryndwyr he serves as a Chaplain at St. Bede’s College and it was the enthusiasm of staff and boys of the College that led to them hosting today’s celebrations.

Jack, from all of us who love you: ad multos annos



above:  Mark, Jack’s brother speaking on behalf of his generation.


Kathryn, Jack’s niece, my sister, speaking on behalf of our generation.


with Kay (sister)




Mary and Bridget (nieces) with Jack


with Anne (cousin)


a family group


with the St. Bede’s hosts for the celebrations


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  1. Ad multos annos Fr Jack. I think it 62 years since I last saw you! I had great respect for you uncles, Fr Steve and Fr Con, both very influential in my education and development in the faith.

    Wishing you all the very best (from Melbourne)


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