Just after midnight on Monday morning 14 November a significant earthquake shook us awake. As dawn broke significant damage was revealed across the Hurunui and further north to Kaikoura.

Following immediately after two years of devastating drought, the earthquake and those that followed have destroyed homes and livelihoods of some and shaken the stability of all of us.

As always the generosity of locals and our city neighbours is immediate, practical and generous. However for many the effects will be long-term. I think of the community of Cheviot where there was not too much visible damage, but where the loss of the main transport route north of the town and the detour of all Christchurch – Picton traffic away from the town will have serious and lasting consequences.

You may have noticed that the website has been down for the past couple of weeks. For some time we have been preparing for a more stable hosting of the Food For Faith website. There have been a few hiccups over this time including the impact of earthquakes but at last all is up and running well.

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