divine building

We live in an age where everyone can be considered to be an expert in everything, and it is politically insensitive (at least) even to suggest that someone who has studied a great deal in a particular area might have more knowledge in the field than someone who has a passing interest.

This is noticeable in parish life when it comes to building (or restoring) a parish church. Everyone becomes an expert with opinions based on subjective experience alone, with little interest in the rich Tradition of Catholic church building.

I have learnt much in this field from an inspiring teacher, Denis McNamara. Denis is an Architectural Theologian who is based at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein in Chicago.  He visited the Catholic diocese of Christchurch at the invitation of Bishop Barry Jones in August 2014 offering good formation as our parishes began the process of building and restoring churches damaged in the earthquakes.

Here is part one of his ten part Youtube series.

Below: Denis McNamara interviewed by Christchurch radio programme Sounds Catholic on his visit to Christchurch in August 2014:

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