Easter morning

Happy Easter. It is late Saturday evening as I write. I am just back from the Easter Vigil at Hanmer Springs, a wonderful celebration of faith and new hope.

Happy Easter especially to the great community of friends who have followed this daily Food For Faith Lenten journey from dozens of countries around the world. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to walk this path to Easter in such good company.

I have enjoyed preparing the reflections. On a number of occasions I have had to accept, especially in the video clips, my own lack of clarity when making a point – this morning’s offering is a good example – at 4.20 I meant to say that Lazarus was not resurrected from death but simply resuscitated. Jesus was not resuscitated, but resurrected, and that is the whole point.

Perhaps the fuller video clip below makes this clearer.

I am especially grateful to Jason McTague who oversees all technical aspects of the Food For Faith project. He created the website and maintains it. There have been several occasions over the six weeks when we have been on the phone sorting out a technical or planning issue at 11pm and then before 7.00am the next morning. I know that Jason too has enjoyed this mission and we both look forward to the next Food For Faith project.

Tomorrow (Easter Monday) morning you will receive the final email in this daily Lenten / Holy Week series. Please take time to read it since we have a small five-minute favour to ask of each of you.

In the meantime, I will offer Mass this Easter morning for you all who have followed this Food For Faith Lenten journey.  Later in the day I will depart for a week’s retreat. Please keep me in your prayer.

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