tasting beauty

Last weekend the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch took the decision to restore their earthquake-damaged Cathedral.

While a decision about the future of the Catholic Cathedral will be made after the appointment of a new bishop, the Anglican Community of Christchurch has had to face this difficult discernment in the stormy arena of often violent public and media opinion.

Such decisions rightly take many years since we must move in the Holy Spirit’s time, the time that is therefore best for all of us.  These six years of waiting have had the positive result of enticing national and local government to contribute to the restoration of the Cathedral in the Square.

The restoration project will give local artists and crafts people the opportunity to do some of their best work.

We got a taste of this WOW factor at the weekend with the cardboard box and tape creation of  French artist Olivier Grossetete.

His work gave us a taste of the delight of beauty.


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