FFF: a new era

Nov 3, 2017

Dear Friends,

It was almost eight years ago that Food For Faith began. The beginnings were small, a blog intended to last for a couple of weeks during a Holy Land pilgrimage.

When the pilgrimage was over, the blog continued and then continued some more as I realised the potential for this new form of communication. Then Jason McTague came on board bringing new vision, theological competence and technical skills enabling us to develop a website and produce video clips.

In the past few years the website has continued to grow well beyond what we imagined or thought possible. At the heart of this growth has been the enthusiasm, support and encouragement of you our followers. Thank you!

Perhaps our most ambitious undertaking was the 2017 Lenten reflection series with daily reflections. Plans are underway for a similar series for Advent 2017 and you will hear more about this in the next couple of weeks.

Over the past few years Jason and I have chatted often about how the Food For Faith venture might continue to meet the growing and diverse needs of those who are seeking more nourishment for their relationship with Christ.

The fruit of our pondering has been the formation of a Food For Faith team and last month we (now a group of five) had our first day-long meeting. I am grateful to Anne Dickinson, Merv Duffy SM and Rob Farrell for their enthusiasm and vision for the Food For Faith mission.

Our first conversation was marked by robust conversation and inspired and creative thinking.  Exactly what Jason and I need to launch us into a new stage of growth. Since the team-meeting regular email conversation keeps the Spirit alive and the vision focussed.

The team was especially enthusiastic about developing our Food For Faith use of other forms of social media. While we have been using Twitter and Facebook for some time, Instagram is a new world for us and I am already appreciating the way a simple image with a word or two can touch the heart and lift the spirit of an Instagram follower. The image above (dawn in the Hurunui) is today’s Instagram post.

Another project that came from our meeting was the direction to make the website more user-friendly on mobile devices.  Watch for this development in the next few months.  We notice already that a number of followers have saved our www.foodforfaith.org.nz homepage to their mobile-device home-screen. This is easy to do and enables you to get to the latest posting with one touch to the screen.

Food For Faith does not aim to be the biggest or most visited website on your screen, but we do want to be the best. Your feedback is always welcome. Thank you to you all for your continued encouragement and please, tell a friend about Food For Faith.

In Christ




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