The bronze sculpture above will be recognised by many as the magnificent tabernacle doors from the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. These doors made by the Christchurch Sculptor Ria Bancroft, and since the earthquake which destroyed the cathedral in 2011 the doors along with many of the other Cathedral treasures have been in safe keeping.

Today’s Easter Sunday email is the last in this daily Lenten retreat series. It has been a pleasure to bring these reflections to you.

The positive response indicates that many people are looking for sound and substantial encouragement for their lives of faith. The Food For Faith team of Jason, Anne, Merv & Rob with me are committed to the development and growth of this mission. Watch this space.

While you will not receive daily emails after today, there will still be a couple of updates to the website each week. You can keep up with these by visiting the website whenever you get a chance, or follow Food For Faith on Facebook by clicking “like” at this link  for notification of website updates and other links.

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Now, here’s today’s Easter Sunday reflection:

Pope Francis’ Easter Vigil homily 2017 at this link,
and Easter Sunday homily at this link.
25 Responses to "Easter"
  1. Fr. John, many thanks and special blessings to you and your team. The reflections have been so practical and relevant. Alleluia!

  2. Alleluia Amen. Thank you. Thank you. Happy Easter to all who have journeyed through Lent with Fr John’s daily food. We celebrate with great joy, and an Easter egg, or too. Alleluia Amen

  3. Thanks for a wonderful journey through Lent and Easter. Will miss the daily postings but look forward to the updates. Happy Easter!

  4. Fr John, for many like me, this series has been a special pilgrimage with Christ Jesus. It has been literally the dawning of each day, and today we recognize that the stone has been rolled away from some dead place in our lives.
    Jesus is resurrected in each one of us. You and the team have taken us on this beautiful journey. We thank you and thank God for you.

  5. Dear John, Alleluia!!…the tomb is empty!!
    For you is Easter already. This evening I will go to attend the liturgy in a small village 15 Km afar because one friend, Immigrant from Guinea, will receive the Baptism so, as you told, will start his eternal life.
    Ti abbracciamo e ti aspettiamo presto

  6. Alleluia! He is risen indeed! Thank you so much, Fr John, and your team, for your help in our journey through Lent and Holy Week and to the empty tomb. May God bless you abundantly and bless your good work for us. I shall miss the morning posts but rejoice in their fruit! Alleluia!

  7. Alleluia! He has risen indeed! Thank you so much, Fr John, and your team, for your help on our journey through Lent and Holy Week and to the empty tomb. May God bless you abundantly and bless your good work for us. I shall miss the morning posts but rejoice in their fruit. Alleluia!

  8. Father John
    Thank you for all inspiring messages. I will continue to follow food for faith throughout the year. I often find we are Easter people living in a Good Friday world. Our communities are so blind to the light of Christ. If we truly live as he lived his light is seen through our hearts. Thank you for shining his light through your heart.
    Kind regards
    Jean Coulthard

  9. Many, many thanks Fr John for your daily inspirational messages during this Lent and Easter. They have been SO practical. I awaited them each morning with great anticipation and appreciation. Your words have inspired me each day.
    May you be richly blessed in your life and ministry. Looking forward to the updates. Mary

  10. Happy Easter John and to all who have helped bring us these daily reflections. You have brought us all together, as we learn again to follow the same One.

  11. A very special journey this Lent thanks and your Reflection today says it all : such Hope, such Joy, such Blessings — God bless you Fr John and your team — we look forward to your next “installment” in this awesome Ministry of yours. Enjoy this special time and a well earned break.

  12. Blessings to you Father and the team who have fed is with inspiration this lent which has helped us to be enriched in our faith journey and given us the joy we celebrate worth today!! He is indeed risen alleluia!! Deo Gratias . Look forward to what you may be planning!

  13. Thank you Fr John May the blessing of Easter be with you as you carry on this Ministry and in all your life.

  14. May the blessing and beauty of Easter be yours and your creative team of professional artists. This is my prayer for each one of you. Thank you for the treasure trove of inspiring and uplifting reflections during Lent and Easter-Time. Your giftedness and talents have been a tower of faith and hope for me, protected, healed and strengthened me. God bless each one of you for your generosity and loving kindness.

  15. Thank you Father John and your team for the inspirational readings over the lenten period, we were hungry and now we have been fed. Have a blessed Easter all of you.

  16. Thank you so much for providing reflections for us. I looked forward eagerly each day to reading them. It is difficult often to try and live our faith, but your words provided real focus for each day and it truely was a blessing with encouragement and support to keep trying. God bless you and your team

  17. Hi john

    Thankyou to you and the team for this easter series. It has been a welcome and stimulating addition to the Lenten journey, and good prompts to prayer and reflection, though mostly when I haven’t agreed with things We look forward to your new ministry continuing to evolve.

  18. These daily reflections have helped to make my Lenten journey this year one like never before. I feel my relationship with God has deepened and been enriched; thank you so much for all your efforts and sharing!

  19. Thank you John and your team for your inspiration, encouragement and guidance throughout the Lenten Season.
    You have helped each day to make God’s love,mercy, forgiveness and constant presence in our daily lives, very very real. Peter Mcleod

  20. My morning reply seems to have got lost in transition. Thank you Fr John for this mornings reflection which was followed by the encouragement of the replays. I now realise l am not alone in my journey with the struggles with judgement! In fact l wonder sometimes how can l be the person that l am, when l am constantly internally judging. Yes, in some situations it is discernment , but l do have to be honest with myself. My Lenten journey will join Joy’s as l pray around judgement.

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