The Food For Faith team invite you to a private screening of the recently released biblical drama Paul, Apostle of Christ.

This significant and inspiring movie was released in the US a few weeks ago but is not being shown publicly in New Zealand.

The Food For Faith private screening is on Sunday 3 June, 6.00pm at Hoyts in Riccarton, Christchurch.

If any money is raised this will go to the mission of the St. Vincent de Paul society in Christchurch.

Tickets are only available online at the link below. Invite friends and share this invitation with others. Ticket numbers are limited so book early. Note: purchase of a ticket guarantees a seat but seating positions will be allocated on arrival at theatre.

“The story covers Paul
going from the most infamous persecutor of Christians

to Jesus Christ’s most influential apostle.”

8 Responses to "Paul"
  1. Fr John is there anyway we can get a showing in the far north? E.g. Whangarei. I’ve been waiting for it to hit NZ since March when it was announced that it would be released at Easter in the US, but have heard nothing till now .

    • All it needs is for some to arrange a screening with a local theatre. Give them a call to see if this is possible in Whangarei.

  2. Great Movie giving another interpretation on St Paul. The parishes of All Saints by the Sea (Papamoa Coast) & Tauranga Moana gathered to see the movie last night 140 people gathered. Its a pity that general viewing is available, it worth the effort to organise as John has a private viewing

    • Nick this is the only local showing that I know of. I will let you know if I hear of another in ChCh.

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