ultimate strength

Don’t miss this encouragement in the heart of the second reading of today’s liturgy.

“My grace is enough for you: my power is at its best in weakness” 1 Cor 12

Our human frailty and sin, when acknowledged honestly, becomes our capacity for God’s power. While our human achievements and successes might give us moments of satisfaction, our deepest joy comes in honestly facing our weakness and vulnerability and depending totally on the strength of God.

We know this strength in our human relationships as well. Sharing our successes might be ok among colleagues, but friendships flourish when weakness is shared.

Take this fact of faith as your mantra for the day, and know it to be the personal message from Jesus to you: “my grace is enough for you: my power is at its best in weakness”.

4 Responses to "ultimate strength"
  1. Thank you for this, Fr John. It’s what God’s “life-school’ is all about – His grace, not our failure. Nothing can be poured into a cup that is already full. It is our emptiness that God uses, bringing strength to weakness, light to darkness, and growth to our dear little souls.

  2. Thanks John. Especially for recalling that this is a truth of all human relationships, with other humans and with the God who made us.

  3. It’s the invisible footprints in the sand, that carry us when we can walk no further.
    In our weakness there is more space for God to do his work.
    It was reassuring to hear this message at Mass last Sunday

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