being real

We spend much of life chasing the highs and avoiding the lows. Somewhere we picked up the idea that highs mean happy and lows mean sad and unsatisfied.

Thanks be to God this is not the reality.

Our experience has already taught us that there are times when all is going well for us but we feel an inner ennui, a restlessness and discontent.

Then there are other times when nothing is going well, but we have a deep sense of peace and even joy.

And so we have learnt that life is more about living in the reality whatever it is with a perspective that opens us to a deeper level of life and love.

Mark Richards is a great supporter of this Food For Faith mission. Earlier this year, just as he was completing doctoral studies, he learned that he has terminal cancer.

In this inspiring video clip he talks about life and love focussing us on the things that really matter.

Let’s keep Mark, his wife Kate and family in our prayers.

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