Our Father

A reflection on the best known of all prayers, the Our Father.

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  1. Thank you Father John I am finding these podcasts most inspiring – my preferred way is to listen as I’m driving.
    Spending time with Our Father “in the early hours of the morning” makes so much sense.

  2. Wow such a lot of Wisdom this morning. I have been reflecting on Jesus calling out the Pharisees as hypocrites in another part of Matthews Gospel and now being asked to carry the words Our Father with me today.
    Our Father who is with us in everything, who can carry us through the deepest waters, who can provide light in the darkest recesses of our being.
    What beautiful words to carry me through my day.

  3. That was a wow moment. A beautiful reflection. Those lovely words “Our Father”
    have so much more meaning now. Thank you

  4. A lovely and helpful way of looking at the Our Father
    Yes not just my Father but Our father
    My first waking thought every morning is to pray the Our Father
    Thank you and may God bless the inspirational work you do

  5. Our Father, not My Father HE loves everyone and always forgive us.

    Thank you Father John. Very Inspiring. God bless you

  6. Beautiful reflection. I have often wondered why Catholics name this unifying prayer ‘The Our Father’ and other denominations ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. Can anyone enlighten me? Yes – He is OUR father unifying all Christians.

  7. Thank you!
    I love the reflections and find them so inspiring.
    It is so true that you point out how many of us would feel, especially lying alone awake in the early early morning and worrying. I do this alot!
    But sometimes I love that moment, because through the quietness, I can listen to God and speak to him. I know I am not alone.
    Thank you for the enlightened view of praying the “Our Father”.
    Thank you again for the reflections, and God bless!

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