Earlier this week the English philosopher and aesthete Roger Scruton died. I am confident that in these hours he will discovering that his lives work teaching about beauty as the revelation of God in the here and now was right on track.

In gratitude to Roger Scruton for his work, and as a prayer for his eternal experience of the fulness of beauty, I share one of his best-known video teachings.

May he Rest in Peace.

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  1. Thank you for the poignant, most beautiful reflection in high honour of the English Philosopher and Writer, Roger Scruton. R.I.P.
    ‘Beauty’ really does matter … the ultimate aim of life, (politics) and love. Roger Scruton calls us all to reshape our world again.

  2. What an intelligent and sensitive lesson on the elusive capacity of beauty to redeem, dignify and adorn our lives. Roger’s concluding section using the beloved ‘Stabat Mater’ was brilliant. John thank you for sharing this gem.

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