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Apr 29, 2020

“Jesus said to the crowd:
‘I am the bread of life.
They who come to me will never be hungry;
They who believe in me will never thirst.”
John 6


“The sailor cannot see the north
but knows the needle can.”
Emily Dickinson


“The true protagonist of history is the beggar:
Christ who begs for man’s heart,
and man’s heart that begs for Christ.”  
Luigi Giussani


Humans are made for goals. We usually think that this means that we will find our happiness and purpose in life when we achieve these goals.

Of course there is a degree of satisfaction in crossing a finish line. But those of us who have already achieved a few of the goals we have set for ourselves know that when we head to bed after the goal-achievement party, the what-is-my-next-goal thought is with us, already keeping us awake with possibilities.

So perhaps it is more true to say that we humans must have goals because they require the journey we need, and its the journey we are made for.

I have come to know that the joy that I seek is found not in the achievement of a goal, but in the direction and motivation a well-discerned goal provides and the company that comes my way as I journey.

Many Christians were raised with the understanding that we are made for an eternal and heavenly goal. This is true and it means that the one who is embraced by this truth has nothing to fear when earthly projects and achievements don’t deliver all they promise.

But remember that Jesus also spoke about the Kingdom of God as present among us, maybe as imperceptible as a mustard seed, but among us.

This is why so many wise analogies speak of earthly life as hunger, a thirst, a process of working with and within our own imperfections and limitations on a journey towards a goal that can only be tasted while on earth.

There is only one answer to our human hunger and thirst, not the bread that comes to us in the form of human achievement and success, but the bread of life who is Jesus Christ.

Our healthiest posture is that of the beggar – aware that only Christ is offering the food that we seek.

An Invitation:

  • The best way to access the PRAY TO SLEEP audio is by visiting this page and saving the page to your home screen. Alternatively I will post the link each day under the daily post at this link.




Today’s bell tower is St. Patrick’s in Kaiapoi.  Bell tower pics still welcome – send to

Wednesday Easter Week III  (15 minutes)

Wednesday Easter Week III  (25 minutes)


  1. I am 40 years old and did the RCIA program 2 years ago so I call myself a baby catholic as I feel that there is so much to try and learn and to understand. As a child I was never taken to church and God didn’t feature in my life at all. But through the heartache of doubt and abandonment I now know that the greatest gift you can give your children is one of faith.

    At the start of lent this year my parish sent out links to different programs for you to choose to follow through lent and so I started to read your email each day and then of course lock down came and I realised that in all the uncertainty I had been given an opportunity by God to try and grow my faith.

    I started a prayer journal and have made the Lord my priority by getting up before the children to spend time reading your thoughts and then you offered the opportunity to listen to the lecto divina. I had never done anything like that before and it is amazing I look forward to it each day. The time for reflection and to sit in peace with the Lord is amazing. Some mornings seem easier to connect while other mornings the mind distracts but I know by just being available God has the chance to heal me and to show me the way.

    Last night I used your pray to sleep and what a way to end the day. I loved the serenity and peace that I had after listening. Going to sleep was so much easier to be reminded that I am loved and protected by the Lord.

    So thank you so much for your words and your time each day please know that they have made a change in my life.

    • Thank you for your lovely testimony. My feeling is that a seed landed on rich soil.

  2. What a beautiful statement by ‘anonymous’. Happy continuance!

    Yesterday I was taking / listening to a person not at all well. Although physically near to death her spirit is not. “Oh no, I haven’t got time to die. I have so much I want to do”!

    I thought today’s Gospel reinforced for me the openness to what the Sisters taught me “the grace of a happy death”

  3. I endorse the above comments it is such a wonderful message from anonymous and wishing you God’s blessings.


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