mature faith

It’s the feast of St. Thomas today 3 July,  and an opportunity to reconsider the term “doubting Thomas.”

Thomas was not a doubter. Instead he was an adult seeking the verification that all adults need if we are to truly believe.

A child will believe simply because someone they trust says it is so.  Adults need more.

Let’s take a moment to consider this…

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  1. Thirty years ago now I experienced a profound realization that the Holy Spirit was actively at work in my life, guiding and leading me to continue to reshape every aspect of my life and love.
    I relinquished my teaching vocation in response to a deeper inner call to integrate my Christianity with the value of Psychology. I qualified as a Counsellor and grew to understand that the integration of Christianity and Psychology is God’s ‘true word’ … the essence of our innate need for verification to believe and the very heart of our evolvement as a mature adult. +

    Dear Holy Spirit of Truth and Light
    Help us all to become more mature in the world today with the gift of sensitivity and the willingness to grow in faith, hope and love.
    Amen +

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