a new month

Jun 1, 2021

They say that the more times you say the word ‘bunny’ within a breath or two of waking on the first morning of a new month the better the luck that will come to you in that month.

It is in Wikipedia.  It must be true?

I am sure most readers will now be laughing.  Of course this is only a superstition.

Note that the definition of ‘superstition’  uses words like ‘irrational’, ‘illogical’, ‘fearful,’  ‘ignorance’ and ‘idolatry’. Put simply, every one of these words is an opposite of ‘faith’. Since humans need belief in order to live happily and healthily, in the absence of ‘faith’ (experienced by Christians as the ultimate in rationality, logic and knowledge), the resulting vacuum of belief is all too readily filled with superstition.

In the absence of faith we have a need for horoscopes,and the occult. We turn to magic (where things seem to happen but they really don’t). We turn away from God’s miracles (where change and healing might be difficult to see and unfolding in God’s time but where it really does happen).

As people of faith begin a new month we know that God’s creation of rabbits (whatever their colour) is nothing more than a gift (if we are a child with the bunny for a pet) or a pest (if we are a South Island farmer).

And knowing that we are held in God’s loving embrace in every moment of every new month we have no need to turn to magic or the manipulation of superstition when the God of miracles is on our side.

Have a great new month!


  1. I caught myself saying white rabbits this morning for the first time in a long while, and had a chuckle about it! Thank you for today’s post and prayers for us all that this month will bring blessings and hope in all that we do.

    • Thank you Fr John.
      Yes to remember daily that the God of miracles is at our side.
      Old age presents much time for searching – the inner self and the miracles that come with that searching.
      No time for family/Irish superstitions – which floated around in our younger days.

  2. FatherJohn,your wise words have given us heavenly strength in very difficult times;
    your “pray to sleep” has been very soothing,from NF &EJ


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