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Aug 25, 2021


“Another reason why we constantly thank God for you is that as soon as you heard the message that we brought you as God’s message, you accepted it for what it really is, God’s message and not some human thinking; and it is still a living power among you who believe it.”    1 Thess 2:13

I remember as a small boy my father helping me to build a simple windmill, some balsa wood wings linked to a small generator. I was amazed when the wind (with a bit of help from us) turned the blades and the small light bulb my dad had connected flickered light.

Dad explained to me that it was relatively easy to make this happen, but the real challenge was to build a battery that could store the power of the wind to be used later when there was no wind.

Half a century later batteries are better and wind and other forms of power are more widely used. But there are some things that wind (and sun, water and fire) cannot empower.

Healthy humans know that they are powered by God.

Earthly thinking can only harness power that already exists (from the wind, waves or sun). The God who created these earthly and cosmic elements today offers to be our personal power supply. This living power is not forced on us (like the sun, wind and rain that we shelter ourselves against) but is offered, and we are free to accept or reject the invitation.

In Jesus God offers power which forgives and gives new birth by transforming and healing,

You might like to pray today’s psalm as a reminder that in this moment Jesus is waiting to be invited to empower you with love. Click on the link below to hear Christchurch children singing Psalm 139 to a setting by Bernadette Farrell.

O God, you search me and you know me.
All my thoughts lie open to your gaze.
When I walk or lie down, you are before me,
Ever the maker and keeper of my days.
You know my resting and my rising.
You discern my purpose from afar,
and with love everlasting you besiege me:
In ev’ry moment of life or death, you are.
Before a word is on my tongue, Lord,
you have known its meaning through and through.
You are with me beyond my understanding:
God of my present, my past and future too.

Although your Spirit is upon me,
still I search for shelter from your light.
There is nowhere on earth I can escape you:
Even the darkness is radiant in your sight.

For you created me and shaped me,
gave me life within my mother’s womb.
For the wonder of who I am, I praise you:
Safe in your hands, all creation is made new.

Words and music by Bernadette Farrell
All rights reserved.  Used with permission
© One License A-626491



  1. “God of my present, my past and future too”

    We had a lovely old priest, Jim Brosnahan, who took that literally. When we went to Confession, his absolution was: “I forgive ALL your sins, past, present and future”!

    Let the theologians work that out! We thought it was great!

    • Wow. What an eloquent expression of forgiveness. I think it is great too.

  2. Amen. Amen.

  3. Jesus died for all sin, past, present, in his time, and future in ours and future generations.

  4. May I Always” Store,
    Continually,The Power
    of the HOLY SPIRIT
    in my heart, so as to
    Not to be blown away by
    Worldly thoughts- actions.
    The Windmill memory
    Was special to read
    Thankyou Fr John


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