so near

Aug 29, 2021


“What great nation has its gods as near
as the Lord our God is to us whenever we call to him”.
Deut 4:6

This week’s launch of the weekly FFF Homily Studio is a response to an often expressed need. For a variety of good reasons many preachers say that they struggle to prepare and deliver a good homily. The parishioners also struggle often commenting that they find it difficult to relate the preacher’s reflections to the complex realities of their lives.

While the mission of preaching is entrusted to the ordained minister within most Christian communities we know that every person who reads and reflects with the scriptures will experience God speaking directly to them.

This was evident in the Studio in a twenty minute conversation between five people who had taken time to pray with today’s readings and ponder them as they went about their tasks as disciples, parishioners, parents, grandparents – people who every day find themselves in a variety of unexpected situations and encounters.

One reader sent a message immediately after listening to the podcast: “Just finished listening and found the conversation really interesting and thought provoking. It always amazes me how one scripture passage can produce so many different thoughts and ideas. Truly God speaks to us individually and then collectively and we are able to share how Great is Our God!” Other listeners have shared similar comments.

I was moved by the reflections from Kath, Merv, Catherine and Jason. Each sharing from a different perspective and experience, hearing what they needed to hear, and sharing their reflections with us.

A good amount of our conversation was about the law which featured in several of the scriptures. You can read for yourselves at this link.

And as I write now I come back to the line that i most need to hear where God reminds us of his presence, his closeness to us. We are indeed the most fortunate of people, but note, only “whenever we call to Him.”

Make a point of calling on Jesus today.


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  1. I havent listened yet was waiting untill today as I want my traditional experiecing of having the word broken for my on Sunday .I am looking forward to this and to taking part in an online Mass also to have the scriptures open for meThen tonight I will zoom in with my scripture group who have been meeting every Sunday for well over fifteen years.I feel spoilt and am reflecting on the food scripture is in my life and the comfort and hope it brings in time of concern and woryy .As much as dare I say the recieving of Jesus in Eucharist.

  2. Thanks so much for the Homily Studio reflection.
    What varied and interesting responses and a thought provoking discussion.
    The pre & post reading of the scriptures around this discussion, definitely shifted my focus & experience of the word today.
    My walk along the beach now will allow me to ruminate further on some of the messages, thoughts & words:
    …Hebrew definition of folly, hypocrite =actor, add nothing & take nothing, justice=mercy & forgiveness, integrity, just call on Jesus…
    Please do continue to have these conversations

  3. Thank you Father for the opportunity to listen to the scripture comments in your studio podcast. What a great idea! It brings the scriptures very much alive. I hope you will be able to continue these sessions. I am looking forward to hearing more.

  4. I am responding to a podcast by Fr John O’Connor


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