as I mowed

Dec 21, 2021


It’s Monday evening as I write, the end of a beautiful Christchurch summer’s day and I have just hosted friends for dinner, a barbecue in the garden. When they left I knew I had to prepare this reflecting, but the lawns needed mowing and I needed the exercise. So with today’s readings in mind I started the mower.

It’s extraordinary what comes to mind when doing something that doesn’t require much thought like cutting grass.

My mind floated through the good company of the day, a couple of Spiritual Direction sessions, a few significant phone calls and a few emails with a bit of planning for the rest of the month and into next year, and then to the readings of today.

I am moved by the often-overlooked closing words of this passage which was also the gospel reading on Sunday. (Did you notice my mistake in that Sunday reflection – corrected now? I had the wrong child leaping in the wrong womb! Not sure what I was thinking and thank you to those who emailed to correct me).

The closing words of the passage are encouraging: “blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfilment of what was spoken to her by the Lord.”

Even if we do not accept that God has spoken to us personally and directly through an event, a person or an inner communication, the fact is that the Lord has made specific promises of love, mercy and present and eternal life to all people.

There comes a point when we realise that we, like Mary, must make a decision, responding YES to all that God is offering.

At this point as we re-orient ourselves to Christ a new clarity pervades every moment of our life. We no longer wander about directionless wondering whether or not to respond. From this point of decision we have responded, and we have said yes.

Now we are able to enjoy the clarity and freedom of this new life: the promise spoken to us by the Lord is now being fulfilled in us.

And all this came to mind as I mowed the lawns.

You might like to consider…

  • …that there are a number of routine things you have to get done today. As you begin the task, especially a work that you might not enjoy, as Jesus to work in you especially for the duration of the task. You might be surprised at what happens.
  • Share a prayer or pray for someone else’s intention clicking on the candle image below.


  1. Nice mower!
    Nice Mower!

  2. I am so grateful for your prayer candle – to receive emails saying someone has prayed for my request is heartwarming.. Thank you.


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