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Feb 10, 2024


I am looking forward to the start of our Lenten reflections beginning this week. If you are receiving this email you are signed up to receive the daily emails.

My Monday – Friday work with the National Liturgy office of Aotearoa mostly leaves me free at weekends for parish Mass supply and especially for Parish Missions.

This weekend, and until Tuesday night, I am in the parish of St. Joseph in Upper Hutt for a parish mission. I see it as time of encouragement for people who are seeking greater maturity of faith.

All are welcome. Each of the five mission sessions stands alone so come to one or come to all.

These sessions might be especially helpful for those who may feel as though they are distant from the church. Invite a friend!

Here’s the note from the parish newsletter:

Seasons for Growth

As a preparation for Lent 2024 our parish has invited Fr. John O’Connor (, to guide us in a time of formation in faith. These sessions will offer practical encouragement for all who are seeking greater maturity of faith.

All sessions are in St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 1 Pine Avenue, Upper Hutt. The timetable is as follows.
Saturday 10th February        Evening Mass
Sunday 11th February           Both morning Masses 9.00am & 10.30am
Sunday 11th February           7pm-8:30pm Mission Session
Monday 12th February          9am Mass & Mission Session
Monday 12th February          7pm-8:30pm Mission Session
Tuesday 13th February         9am Mass & Mission Session
Tuesday 13th February         7pm-8:30pm Mission Session


  1. Hopefully Lenten reflection is on Podcasts

  2. This is the church where Philip and I celebrated our Nuptial Mass nearly 57 years ago March 11th 1967.Thank you God for all the blessings you have granted us throughout these years.

  3. Jesus came that we might have life and live it to the full.


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