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Mar 7, 2024


I’ve repeated often in these posts that the point when we find ourselves impossibly weak, frail, vulnerable, sinful, powerless… is the moment at which we are invited to make a wonderful choice.

At such a crossroads we can opt for the futile pattern of grasping at an old (or even a new) mirage.

Or we can accept that our powerlessness is an invitation to grow in maturity as a disciple.

Perhaps my problem is my faulty default setting, the constant and sinister voice in my head which suggests that I can do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Of course that’s the classic definition of insanity.

“But they did not listen,
they did not pay attention;
they followed the dictates
of their own evil hearts,
refused to face me,
and turned their backs on me.”
Jeremiah 24

In this cacophony I’m likely to ignore the most attractive of the voices, the life-giving call to turn to Jesus, God-with-me, allowing him to transform my powerlessness into divine strength.

I read an article this week which suggested that whereas a few decades ago the Christian community (perhaps especially the Catholic Church) was relatively united against a “non-believing” world, now there is more division within the church than outside.

Therefore the cacophony of voices which assaults believers is no longer the great doctrinal differences which are debated by theologians of different denominations, but the opinions, agendas and politically-correct secular programming which make it difficult to tune-in to the voice of God and remain grounded, united and focussed in faith.

“Every kingdom
divided against itself
is heading for ruin,
and a household
divided against itself
Luke 11

While the scattering is happening around us, it also penetrates us and happens within each of us. I know this to be true. I can hear it in my own head.

However there’s a positive in that: while I don’t have the power to change the noises that surround me, I do have the ability to invite Jesus to speak more audibly and clearly in my own mind, giving me a clarity of faith, confident that when we desire to listen to Jesus above all else, he does not miss the opportunity to be our God.

“Listen to my voice,
then I will be your God
and you shall be my people.”
Luke 11




FFF IN THE CAFE…a chance to chat about your experience of God in your life. Send your name and the name of a cafe or bar to john@fff.org.nz Scribble FFF on a table napkin, take a seat and wait.

Join these gatherings:

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  1. I do have the power ……. Those lines spoke very powerfully to me today. That is my challenge.

  2. I get wonderful guidance and support that helps me through my life. Thanks be to God.

  3. The World is a beautiful place and all in it speaks the name of God. Find today’s post somewhat depressing.

  4. This morning at Mass my mind was in a whirl and I felt the devil dancing on my head. After Mass I was able to take Jesus to a rest home 3 elders of our faith and another suffering from Parkinsons. What grace for me to focus on them and bring them hope and love. The devil gone to where he belongs. Today I will go to the altar of my God of love

  5. Be Still and Know that I am God. One of my favourite passages from all of scripture.


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