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The House of God

In preparation for the rebuilding of churches destroyed in the Christchurch earthquakes, Bishop Barry Jones last week announced his intention to publish a document entitled “The House of God” providing parishes with fundamental knowledge about what a Catholic Church building needs to be. This document was published today and you can read it on the…(Read More)

saying it all

Last week Bishop Barry Jones marked seven years as bishop of my diocese of Christchurch New Zealand. In his teaching ministry in that time he has used innumerable words in thousands of letters, homilies, and spontaneous reflections. And perhaps here, in one casual t-shirt caption, Bishop Barry is expressing the heart of the life…(Read More)

Feb 22 earthquake

February 22 will remain a memorial day for the city of Christchurch. Three years ago today, our city was devastated by earthquake. 185 people died tragically on the day, and in the 36 months since many others have suffered and died as a result of the ongoing trauma. Many people still await insurance settlements. While…(Read More)