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Food For Faith made it to the Press this morning offering a comment on the unprecedented opportunity Bishop Martin is giving Christchurch Catholics to be a part of springtime of faith in the diocese…(Read More)

a new harmony

There is always a temptation to build “nests”, to cling to our little group, to the things and people we like, to resist all contamination. It is only a small step from a nest to a sect…(Read More)

with Easter joy

Just as the earthquake shook the land at the moment of Jesus’ death, it was an earthquake that helped to bring our diocese to its knees nine years ago. This places us firmly with the first disciples of Jesus…(Read More)

united in prayer

“Out of the depths I cry to you O Lord”. We know that our loving God has not caused this pain, but the freedom God gives us as a mark of his great love has been tragically misused and abused…(Read More)

united in worship

And it is Christ who brings us together tonight, Anglican and Catholic with friends, to focus again on what is essential. We are united by the challenges we face here in this place. We are at a spring-time of faith in our dioceses, with citizens hungry for mature and adult faith…(Read More)

Bishop Peter Carrell

The Christian community of Christchurch rejoices today with the Episcopal Ordination and Installation of The Reverend Doctor Peter Carrell as the ninth bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch. The Catholic Bishop of Christchurch Paul Martin SM was invited to pray. Click the link to join in prayer: United in prayer we turn to you…(Read More)

love in action

“if we want to find the God who appeared as a child, then we must dismount from the high horse of our “enlightened” reason. We must set aside our false certainties, our intellectual pride, which prevents us from recognising God’s closeness…(Read More)

in giving we receive

From today’s gospel for the Third Sunday of Advent: When all the people asked John [the Baptist], ‘What must we do?’ he answered, ‘If anyone has two tunics he must share with the one who has none, and the one with something to eat must do the same.’ A great image from New Zealand…(Read More)

there is love

You might be feeling the hype of pre-Christmas parties. You could be busy tying up loose ends at work. Some families are flat out trying to get all the gift shopping done, preparing for relatives to visit, or trying to organise a trip away…(Read More)

Rochester lecture

This week in Christchurch the annual Rochester lecture is presented by Bishop Paul Martin SM, the new(ish) Catholic bishop of Christchurch. This is an opportunity to hear Bishop Paul share his view of the challenges and opportunities for Christianity today and to show our support for him in these challenging times…(Read More)

jubilee homily

Bishop Paul Martin is happy to share his homily given last night at the priests’ jubilee celebration in the diocese of Christchurch.   There is something very fitting about the fact that today we are celebrating the feast of St Mary McKillop and also honouring our brother priests who are celebrating their 60, 50 and 25th…(Read More)

God at work

I have been to dozens of confirmation ceremonies over the years and expected this morning’s celebration of the sacrament at St. Bede’s College in Christchurch to be much like the others. But it was different. It’s been a big couple of days for the College with 15 students baptised, 55 confirmed and…(Read More)


We don’t often consider the psalm of each day’s Mass when reflecting on the scriptures of the liturgy, but the psalm can provides a helpful key to understanding the rest of the readings of the day. In the psalm response today we pray together from Psalm 18: “Lord you have the words of…(Read More)