a full life…

Today has been one of those days when I have been overwhelmed by the richness and fulness of Christian life – especially as a priest.

The day was spent between OLV and Darfield, with Masses and meetings in each place. After the Darfield Mass I met with the Christian Ministers of the Malvern region. Then there was another meeting at Darfield before returning to Christchurch late afternoon.

I had an unexpected meeting with a friend and we chatted about life, and the high points and low points…and the beauty of architecture.

Reconciliation and Mass followed, then a couple of hours at the desk on Sunday’s homily. As I began to prepare this homily yesterday I was captivated by the first verse of the first reading “be holy as the Lord your God is holy”. You will have to wait until Sunday to hear the punch line!

Now it is just on 10pm and Chopin is providing superb company along with a glass of shiraz.

Mid afternoon I heard of the death of a new-born child whose mother is ‘inconsolable’. I cannot imagine the suffering of the mother. At this distance I feel very helpless – enough to drive me to prayer.

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