the beauty of the Liturgy

Today I was a part of a gathering of a dozen priests who met to deepen their appreciation of Pope Benedict’s understanding of the Liturgy. It was a most informative and hope-filled gathering.

After a leisurely lunch with the priests gathered at the end of the session I was left pondering the situation we find ourselves in. It is clear that in the years after the Second Vatican Council, priests and teachers did their best to communicate the teachings of the Council. Unfortunately these years coincided with a societal ‘resistance’ to what had gone before. People were happy to discard what had gone before.

There certainly were some things that needed to be discarded. However in this process some things that had always been known to be essential also lost prominence and even vanished completely.

In this turmoil some essential aspects of the sacred nature of the liturgy were forgotten.

Our gathering today helped us to address this loss. Today’s gathering was a hope-filled new beginning. As we departed we decided that we would meet every month to grow in our appreciation of the beauty of the Mass.

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