Holy Land pilgrimage

Apr 18, 2012

In ten days I will be travelling on pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

There are twenty pilgrims on this “Our Lady of Victories” parish pilgrimage – the majority from the parish, but many others are friends, family, and other diocesan parishioners.

In an earlier preparation meeting of the pilgrims we emphasised the nature of this journey: we are not travelling as tourists who on such a trip might flit quickly and superficially from one sight to the next.

We are pilgrims.

A pilgrim will see and do much if not all that a tourist does in a visit, but everything about the pilgrimage ensures that we travel with ‘senses super-sensitive’ to the presence and action of Jesus with us.

Our pilgrimage will be a retreat for those who take this journey in the footsteps of Jesus.

Please keep us in your prayer. This pilgrimage was originally planned for April 2010, but 30 of the group were stranded by the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano. After three days living at gate E27 in Singapore airport, the group was turned home to New Zealand.  So, please pray for our safe and uninterrupted travel.

This blog will provide a daily account of significant moments in the pilgrimage. These updates will also be uploaded on: 
Twitter   www.twitter.com/johnchch,  and

If you are travelling on the pilgrimage you might like to pass these links to family and friends who may appreciate the opportunity to follow our journey with comments and photos.

Each pilgrim will carry prayer intentions from their own friends and family.  I will personally carry the prayer intentions of any reader of this blog.  Please email me with these at foodforfaith@me.com.  

You do not have to specify what the intention is, you may wish to simply say ‘a special intention.’   It is very important that in your own mind and heart you are very specific in your own prayer about what the intention is.  


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