May 7, 2012

Today we visited Nazareth, the home-town of Jesus.  It is probably that Jesus lived in this town for at least 25 years; his boyhood and teenage years, as well as his life as a young adult – until he was 30 and began his public ministry.

A few photos of our group from around Nazareth:

Marie and Adrian (our tour guide) deep in historical discussions:

The chapel of the Annunciation:

A Greek Orthodox baptism at the Chapel at the Well of Mary:

Mary, Monika, Margaret and Sue

Sr. Monica and Sr. Mary Boyes

the group outside the Church of the Annunciation

Sr. Mary Gleeson

Sr. Monika

Jean, Janet and Leo

Suzanne, Lyn and Francie

Margaret and Marie

Getting ready for the group photo above at the Church of the Annunciation

Mass at the Church of St. Joseph


Leo, Margaret, Judy and Sue

Our group hats

Then we discussed what the collective noun for nuns is. One of our sisters suggested ‘a swarm of nuns’.  Your own suggestions are welcome!


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