Dr. Suess at 110

One hundred and ten years ago today, Dr. Suess was born. It was Dr. Suess who provided the text and my father who gave the time to teach me to read.  These two significant teachers managed to pass on to me the joy of reading. The first book I could read was Dr. Suess’ “ABC” and I learned it so thoroughly that even forty years later my father and I could recite the entire text together from memory, adding all the emphases that made my first steps into books a fun-filled adventure.

It is certainly true that the things that are taught and learnt in the pre-school years are the most deeply formative and foundational.

Many others of my age can recite Suess classics by heart. Some of the favourites include “The Cat in the Hat” and “Green Eggs and Ham”

Thanks to modern technology you too can enjoy the  Dr. Seuss’ “ABC” text at this link, and on youtube below.

Enjoy!  Happy 110 years Dr. Suess!



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