beer for a priest

One of the disadvantages of living at the front of the world (first to see the sun each day) is that we are reminded of anniversary and celebration days by our European and American friends  a few hours too late. I sent a facebook birthday greeting to a friend in the US yesterday and he replied laughing that his birthday was still a day away for him. But more seriously, a Facebook priest friend in the US reminded me this morning (Tuesday)  that the second Monday in September is International “Buy a Priest a Beer Day.”.

So if you are still on Monday when you read this, you might like to buy your priest a beer. If Monday has past, make a date with him for next September.

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  1. Is that a beer or a bier? There are those that think of contemporary Catholicism as the Church Moribund, and there are those actively ensuring that it become the Church Desolate. The martyrs are biting the dust in the Middle East, in Africa. What we need is vast vats of the New Wine. I’m going to ask the Supplier for a fresh dose of the Holy Spirit for every priest in the land where the zeal is waning.

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