Advent @ school

Every day in the life of a priest has unexpected highlights. Today I was invited to lead an Advent service for Years 9 & 10 students with staff at St. Bede’s College.

The first thing I noticed was the devotion of the young men. The service was held in the school Gym, but because a couple of boys stood at each door holding holy water, and every boy and staff member who entered the gym devoutly blessed themselves, they understood that for the next half hour this was not a gym, but the house of God, a place of worship. The spirit of devotion continued and deepened as the scriptures were read, and as the Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance was elevated in blessing.

I was also moved and inspired by the way that students and teachers related with each other. There was a deep mutual respect and affection evident that can only show when a family of faith is focussed on something greater, that is, the presence of God in the midst of their gathering.

Thank you St. Bede’s.

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